Acharya Vaibhavam (42nd Jeeyar)

1. Avatharam This great AchAryan was born on Janury 21, 1879. It was Thai UttharAdam in a BahudhA+anya (Different in many ways) samvathsaram (year). A great assembly of MahA PurushAs like PutthankOttakam Swamy, GhOshtiUr Swamy were born in that year, some 122 years back.

His place of birth was an agrahAram established for Vedic scholars on the banks of Baahu nadhi (SeyyARu river)by the most revered Sixth Azhagiya Singar, HH SrivaNN SatakOpa Srishashta ParAnkusa YathIdhra MahA Desikan. This AchArya Saarvabhouman adorned the peetam of Ahobila Matam from 1499-1513 CE and entered into a cave in Ahobilam and never returned. He is said to be performing AarAdhanam to Sri Lakshmi Narasimhan inside that cave even today. The agrahAram was given the name of Nrusimhapuram by the Sixth Azhagiya Singar and later came to be known as InjimEdu. It has a Sannidhi for Lord VaradarAjan. Our AchAryan's gOthram was BhAradhvAja Gothram. His father's name was Sri AadhivarAhAcchAr Swamy. His son was given the name of the Lord of Srirangam, RanganAthan.

This AchAryan-to-be had the Jaayamana KatAksham of Sri Lakshmi Nrusimhan and showed extraordinary talent in punaruccharaNam (recitation of what he had heard precisely) of Srimath RaamAyaNam and SthOthra Paatams even at a very young age. Sri AdhivarAhAcchAr Swamy, the father, perefomed Upanayanam and BrahmOpadEsam during GarbhAshtamam (8 years to the date from conception) and arranged for Pancha samskAram from HH The 37th Pattam KaLatthUr Azhagiya Singar, SrivaNN SatakOpa Sri RanganAtha YathIndhra MahA Desikan. Latter ecognized the unusual effulgence of the young boy and blessed him to become a pillar of the Sri VaishNava SampradhAyam just as NadAthUr AmmAl had blessed Swamy Desikan earlier at Kanchi VaradarAjan's temple as a five year old boy.

2. The VidhyA GrahaNam Sri Ranganathan completed VedAdhyayanam by the age of Thirteen.He had been initiated into Sri AshtAkshara japam and Brahma Yaj~na, SamidhAdhAnam observances required for a BrahmachAri by his AdhyApAka Swamy. As Sri RanganAthan completed his VedAdhyayanam, a personal bereavement happened, which shook him up. His dear father reached his AchAryan's Thiruvadi. His inherited landed properties were lost. He moved on to his grandfather's house(Mother's Father). There, he started the studies on Kaavyams and completed such studies upto the stage of alankAra Saasthram. He was sixteen by now and another personal tragedy struck him. His mother reached her AchAryan's Thiruvadi.Sri RanganAthan performed his mother's Kaimkaryams upto VarshApdhIkam and thereafter pursued with intensity his quest to learn about the SaasthrAs under appropriate AchAryAs.

Study of NyAya, Tarka Saasthrams Before performing KaalkshEpam on Sri BhAshyam, it is required to study NyAya and Tarka Saasthrams. Two great MahAns and great scholars quenched the thirst of Sri RanganAthan to study of NyAya and Tarka Saasthrams. They were:(1) Chatu: sAsthra Kalpa Taru, Sri Ammasathram SEshAcchAr Swamy of KumbakONam and (2) Mysore Panditha Rathnam Tarka Theertham KasthUri RangAcchAr Swamy. Study of NyAya Saasthram with AmmAsathram Swamy was interrupted due to Sri RanganAthan's personal illness.Sri RanganAthan moved on to Mysore to study Tarkam under KasthUri RangAcchAr Swamy. Latter took ill and the studies had to be interrupted. Sri RanganAthAn travelled to Kaasi based on the suggstion of KasthUri RangAcchAr Sawmy to studt under Sri SeethArAma Saasthri of VaaraNAsi/Kaasi.Latter was the Teacher of Mysore KasthUri RangAcchAr Swamy. After completing the Tarkam studies at VaraNAsi, Sri RanganAthan had to move on due to the onset of plague at Kaasi. He returned to InjimEdu, got married and carried on his livelihood through Unchivrutthi, just as Swamy Desikan did.Sri RanganAthan still had not completed the NyAya Saasthram studies due to unanticipated interruptions (vignams).

Efforts to perform Sri BhAshya KaalkshEpam Driven by his intense desire to learn Grantha ChAthushtyam, Sri RanganAthan now approached HH The 37th Pattam, Sri VeerarAghava SaThakOpa YathIndhra MahA Desikan for the blessings of Sri BhAshya KaalakshEpam. HH Srimath Azjhagiya Singar agreed to bless Sri RanganAthan with that KaalakshEpam, but HH wanted the aspirant to complete his interrupted studies on NyAya Saasthram. This Azhagiya Singar adorned the Peetam only for 11 months and hence Sri RanganAthan could not fulfill his wish to perform KaalakshEpam under this MahA Desikan. During the time of Sri RanganAthan's completion of the NyAya Saasthram, HH the 37th Pattam Azhagiya Singar attained his AchAryan's Thiruvadi.Sri RanganAthan fainted after hearing the news and performed upavAsam for two days and was consoled by Purisai RangAcchAr Swamy. Ahobila Matam was without a PeetAdhipathi for almost Six years after the ascent of the 37th Pattam Azhagiya Singar (1899-1905) to Sri Vaikuntam. Sri RanganAthan was just Twenty years old at the time of the Vaikunta PrApthi of HH The 37th pattam Jeeyar. Sri RanganAthan was grief-stricken over the loss of his AchAryan and the continuing vignams to his VidhyA GrahaNam (Completion of his studies).

Travel to SrimushNam in pursuit of further studies of Saasthram A great Scholar by the name of Sri SvarNam KrishNamAcchAr Swamy, a dear disciple of HH the 37th Pattam Azhagiya Singar, was living at the Svayam Vyaktha KshEthram of SriMushNam at that time. Sri RanganAthan arirved at Sri MushNam driven by his intense desire to perform KaalakshEpam under this SadAchAryan. SriMushNam Swamy was reluctant at first to accede to the request of Sri RanganAthan to become his sishyan. SriMushnam Swamy felt that Sri RanganAthan should study under the great Azhagiya Singars instead of under him. The Ahobila Peetam was however empty for a long time. Finally, SriMushNam swamy was moved by the intensity of Sri RanganAthan's desire and relented to take him as his sishyan. SriMushNam Swamy instructed his talented student on the intricacies of Grantha- ChAthushtyam, NyAya SiddhAnjanam, NyAya Parisuddhi, Satha DhIshaNi, Sankara BhAshyam, Sidhdi PramAnandhIyam and advaidhic terminologies (paribhAshai). Next, SriMushNam Swamy instructed Sri RanganAthan on Madhva Matha Granthams. During the course of 8 years,the talented sishyan completed Sarva Grantha GrahaNam from his AchAryan. Sri RanganAthan at the age of 28 became now fully qualified to attend Vidvath Sathas (Assembly of Scholars). The year was 1907. He was 22 years away from becoming the 42nd Pattam Azhagiya Singar at this time.He had no idea that MaOlan will be blessing him as a future AhObila Mataathipathi.

3. Participation in the Various Vidvath Sadas By 1905, Thirukkudanthai Azhagiya Singar succeded the 37th Pattam Azhagiya Singar as the next PeetAdhipathi (38th Pattam)after 6 years of absence of a PeetAdhipathi at AhObila Mata AasthAnam. The 38th Pattam Azhagiya Singar was known as the Thirukkudanthai Azhagiya Singar and He reigned for 3 years and ten months (May 1909 C.E). After completing his studies under SrimushNam SvarNam Swamy, Sri RanganAthan travelled to Nrusimhapuram (near AadhanUr dhivya Desam) to prostrate before the sacred feet of Thirukkudanthai Azhagiya Singar. He attended the kaalkshEpa GhOshti of Thirukkudanthai Azhagiya Singar, where he answered very tough questions from the Azhagiya Singar to latter's complete satisfaction. The pleased Azhagiya Singar recognized the deep scholarship of InjimEdu RanganAthAcchAr Swamy and praised latter as one, who swam effortlessly in the Ocean of VedAntham. InjimEdu Swamy offered his PraNAmams to Srimath Azhagiya Singar and returned to SriMushnam to be by his AchAryan's side to perform sisrUshai. This Azhagiya- Singar attained His AchAryan's sacred feet, when InjimEdu RanganAthAcchAr Swamy was Thirty years old (1909 C.E).

InjimEdu Swamy won over many scholars in saasthra debates through his profound command of the intricate meanings of SaasthrAs during his thirties. He raised the victory flag at ThirunAngUr, Thiruvananthapuram (navarAthri SabhA) and Sri PerumbhUdhUr in Vidvath sathas during debates with well known scholars. The intellectual rigor of InjimEdu Swamy was recognized and honored by the MaharAja of Thiruvananthapuram. InjimEdu Swamy was offered later an important post as the Principal of the Royal Sanskrit College at Thiruvanathapuram.InjimEdu Swamy turned it down just as Swamy Desikan turned down the request of VidhyAraNyar to become an Aasthana VidvAn at Vijaya Nagara Raajyam. InjimEdu swamy had immense VairAgyam and continued his livelihood through Unchivrutthi (alms seekingat agrahArams). He accompanied his AchAryan, SvarNam Swamy and settled own at Kaanchipuram VaradarAja PerumAL Sannidhi. During this period, InjimEdu Swamy was the moderator at many sampradhAya sadhas (Thriukkudanthai Desika Uthsava sadhas, MannArkOil Sadhas, KodiyAlam Sadhas etal) and recieved many accolades. Fourteen years went by. The year was 1923 C.E.

Between 1909-1923 C.E, HH The 39th Pattam Azhagiya Singar, SrivaNN SaThakOpa Sri ParAnkusa YadhIndhra MahA Desikan (aasthAnam: 1909-1915 C.E) and HH The 40th Pattam Azhagiya- Singar, SrivaNN SaThakOpa SriRanganAtha SataKOpa YathIndhra MahA Desikan (aasthAnam : 1913-1923 C.E)adorned the AhObila Mata SimhAsanam. When 1923 C.E arrived, the next Azhagiya- Singar, HH The 41st Pattam, SrivaNN SaThakOpa Sri Lakshmi- Narasimha SaThakOpa YathIndhra MahA Desikan ascended the throne. He reigned for 18 years and 9 months (until October 1941).

As soon as the 41st Pattam Azhagiya Singar became the PeetAdhipathi, he invited InjimEdu RanganAthAchArya Swamy to become the AasthAna VidvAn of Sri Matam. This invitation was gratefully accepted by InjimEdu Sawmy and he stayed in this position serving Srimath Azhagiya Singar and Malolan.







42nd Azhagiyasingar















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H.H. Azhagiyasingars, 45th Jeer of ahobilamutt- Founder and heriditary trustee.

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H.H. Azhagiyasingars, 45th & 46th Jeer of ahobilamutt.

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Malola Narasimhar at Ahobilam.

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43rd Azhagiyasingar brindavanam at Nymisaranyam.