Details of the project

Uthara Abhobilam Project - Appeal

Construction of NAVA NRUSIMHA TEMPLE COMPLEX at Sri Ahobila Mutt, Nymisaranyam.

Appeal to Devotees

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Designated/Exclusive bank
Account number: 928959087,

Indian Bank,
TAMBARAM EAST, CHENNAI, Tamil Nadu, Chennai (Madras), 600059

Nymisaranyam Azhagiyasingar Charitable Trust

An indipendent body formed to develop this project and construct the temple project.

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Anugraha bhasanam of Srimad Azhagiyasingar
on the Project.


Naimisaranyam is located at the junction of the roads from Sitapur and Khairabad,         32 Kilometres from Sitapur and 38.6 Kilometres from the Sandila railway station.          110 Kilometres north of Lucknow in Uttarpradesh. Naimisaranya is also known as "Nimsar" or "Nimkhar" and is located on the left bank of the river Gomati.

Thirumangai Alwar who is the only alwar who has done the Mangalasasanam on this sthala perumal explains about the life led by the human. This kshetram is said to be one of the 8 swayam Vyaktha kshetrams. The other swayam Vyaktha kshetram are Sri Rangam, Srimushnam, Salagramam, Thotadri (Vaanamamalai), Tirupathi, Pushkaram and Badri.

This Naimisaranya kshetram is said to be regarded as "Tapovanam". There are 9 tapovams. They are Dandakaranyam, Saindhavaranyam, Jambhukaranyam, Pushkararanyam, Utpalaranyam, Badrikaranyam, Gurujangalaranyam, Aruputharanyam and Naimisaranayam. It is belived that the perumal is found in the form of forest. And this Naimisaranyam is regarded as a holy forest.

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People behind the vision

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H.H. Azhagiyasingars, 44th Jeer of ahobilamutt- Founder and heriditary trustee.

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H.H. Azhagiyasingars, 45th & 46th Jeer of ahobilamutt.

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Malola Narasimhar at Ahobilam.

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43rd Azhagiyasingar brindavanam at Nymisaranyam.